Professional operation of marine, land, air, multimodal transport, warehousing, insurance declaration and other related international logistics
Railway transportation

At speeds of up to 160 km / h Express routes are listed in China's fastest rail freight train, according to direct express passenger train level operation for high value-added products to provide direct express service

sea transportation

No matter what logistics service you need, what you need to do is just think of us. We adhere to: unremitting efforts, the pursuit of excellence, the road forward without end, for you to build maritime transport services
Transport aviation

For all types of cargo air transport, including centralized consignment, door to door transport, etc .; to provide air, land and air transport and other multimodal transport; contractors, samples, small items of one-stop transport services

Road transport

The development of Qiyun services, the full use of various types of transport vehicles to provide customers with comprehensive, flexible trunk transport services. For the regional chain, door to door, special, professional customers to provide linkage services

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Asian transport logistics

Professional, safe, timely and fast

Strong transport capacity
With the liberation, Dongfeng, Isuzu and other formats of transport vehicles hundreds of specialized in domestic transport of goods around the service, has a strict transport organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transport companies.
Professional logistics services
Our company has a leading information system, full view, so you keep abreast of the exact progress of each single business. Strict process system, the system put an end to the errors and accidents, improve the emergency handling mechanism and security system, in time to resolve the loss.
Open up a new model of three-way data exchange
Open up a new model of three-way data exchange
Complete the
Customer service

Company vehicles

professional team

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Around the vehicle transport
TRANSPORT Logistics Co., Ltd. to undertake the Pearl River Delta to Shanghai, Beijing,
Harbin, the vehicle throughout the country, LTL cargo transport business.
Valuables escort
The company transport capacity, the strength and reasonable price, our company can be based on the actual volume
Pay a certain risk deposit, valuables can be sent to escort.
Improve supply management
Improve supply management
Good logistics supply chain management, to win the trust of customers.
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